We occasionally have Great Pyrenees puppies for adoption to approved homes. Our puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and we provide a health guarantee for a period of five years from date of purchase. Each puppy will have his/her initial vaccinations and a thorough examination by our veterinarian prior to placement. All puppies are micro-chipped prior to adoption. Puppies can be purchased as companions (pets) or for showing and or breeding purposes. There is a additional fee applied to the purchase price for animals obtained for show and breeding purposes. Keep in mind that Great Pyrenees are very large dogs, and while gentle and loyal, they do have their drawbacks. Before considering purchasing a Great Pyrenees puppy we strongly recommend you do your research to ensure that you have chosen the right breed for your family. We have listed below our responsibilities to you the purchaser when we sell you a puppy. In addition we have provided a list of your responsibilities as the purchaser should you choose to buy one of our puppies. 

Responsibilities of the Seller

  • Provide a puppy that is sound in temperament and conforms to CKC Breed Standard.
  • To provide CKC registration papers for your puppy within six months of purchase.
  • Have your puppy micro-chipped for identification purposes.
  • To be available via email or telephone to provide ongoing information or advice to purchaser.
  • Guarantee your puppy against any and all genetic defects for a period of five (5)years. This guarantee provides you with a choice in the event a genetic related health problem occurs:
    • Refund of full purchase price to apply toward any required or available surgery.
    • Replacement with another puppy if available or from a planned future litter.
    • Refund of full purchase price to permit you to purchase a new puppy from another reputable breeder.

Note: The guarantee is void in the event that our veterinarian determines that the condition is caused by neglect or mistreatment of the dog. This includes problems with bone and muscle growth associated with malnourishment, allowing your animal to roam free where there is danger of cars, and rough handling that can cause joint disorders or bad temperament.

Responsibilities of Purchaser

  • To maintain your puppy in good health by providing adequate food, water, and medical care.
  • Not to breed your puppy unless purchased for breeding or show. There is generally a higher purchase price paid for puppies suitable and intended for show or breeding purposes.
  • For puppies sold as companions (pets), purchaser(s) agree to have the animal spayed/neutered once the puppy has reached a reasonable age unless otherwise agreed upon by seller and purchaser. 
  • Not to show your pet in CKC sanctioned shows unless a premium is paid to the purchaser when buying your puppy or through agreement afterwards. 
  • In the event of suspected genetic health defects to allow us to have your pet inspected by our own veterinarian, or if that is not practical due to distance, request a test information exchange between your and our veterinarian
  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your puppy to provide us the first opportunity to take the puppy back. 
Shipping by Air
  • We ship puppies by Air Cargo upon request and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to cover the cost of shipping. 
  • Transportation to the air cargo terminal, veterinary documentation, and shipping crate are provided free of charge by Pyrvalley